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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

WIP Wednesday #92 - Extra Stitches Edition

Happy Wednesday everyone.

I'm back from a long weekend away and I feel like I've lost all control of the time. How can it be Wednesday already??

I think I'm making progress on my WIP's... but honestly, there has been a lot of back and forth action going on.

For instance:

My lovely silky Aerie Scarf is past the mid point.


for this nasty extra stitch. This project is currently in time out (frequently along with Doodlebug these days) until I have the time and the will to rip out the last 3 inches.

In other news,  my challenging and interesting Fishtail Scarf is going well.


There appears to be two too many stitches here. (Fixing this will involve tinking back about 600 stitches)

And see here where the tension is all wonky? Yeah, that's where I made and extra stitch and didn't notice for about 12 rows and couldn't bear to rip it back so I just dropped it and tried to even out the tension a bit.

Sigh. That sh*t will block out, right? I have that saying on a t-shirt so it must be true.

Hope this Wednesday finds all your WIP's only progressing in a forward direction! And finds you checking out all the WIP's over on Tami's blog : )

Cheers, Nikki


  1. Feel sorry for you, it must be painful to rip out your work. Both projects look so beautiful!

  2. Oh dear. I'd say if it's on a t-shirt it MUST be true! Fishtail looks like a very fun pattern... well except for that hundreds of stitches part :)

  3. Holy motley. You're brave... That fishtail looks horrible to knit (but very cool looking. Like green is a great color for it). Good luck with those projects!

  4. Oh no! This seems to be happening to me more often.

  5. it will probably block out... although garter stitch can be extra cranky. and if the extra stitch on the pink scarf has only ever been stockinette (no increases, decreases, or lace)... what about dropping it down to eliminate it, and then blocking it out?

    Good luck!

  6. Oh bum, I hate it when that kind of thing happens. Hope you're able to fix them both with minimal pain :-S Your Aerie scarf is looking absolutely stunning and your Fishtail looks very interesting too :)

  7. Oh no! Your projects just aren't behaving:( I hope you get them fixed without too much stress.

  8. The Aerie scarf is beautiful - I love that color. I say try cleancup's idea and if it doesn't look right, just tear out those 3 inches and save that stockinette knitting for social knitting or watching TV. I think you will find that it will knit up quickly and then you can move on and stop agonizing over it. Good luck!

  9. Don't rip! Just drop that stitch down and let blocking work it out. It will be gorgeous. the green scarf color is right up my alley, but I can't imagine all that manipulation of knitting.

  10. Going backwards is never any fun, but the perfectionist in me has to suggest ripping back and fixing the extra stitches. Otherwise, I would be staring at the spot the whole time I was knitting on the project, thereby ruining the enjoyment of the whole process. The Fishtail Scarf is so cool!


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