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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Mummy Moments - Lunches

Happy Tuesday everyone.

I'm having one of those weeks where parenting is kicking my butt. My husband worked all weekend, so today I'm on day 9 of looking after these little monsters delightful young ones on my own. (Hubby hates it when I keep track, but I can't help it.)

Anyways, I thought today I would post a couple of my tiny parenting successes in hope of reminding myself that I am not always a stay-at-home-failure.

First up, my toddlers new favourite lunch. She asks for it everyday, and almost always eats it all up, despite the fact that it is made out of different things every time. We call it "Happy Face Lunch". When I was little my favourite meal was "Things On a Plate".  I thought it was a proper meal like "Lasagna". It took me years to figure out my mum was just making a meal out of whatever was in the fridge ; )

I've just taken "Things on a Plate" and jazzed it up a little.

Next up is my back up strategy for Monkey's school lunches. The school's nut free policy really hampers our sandwich style. I try to send him was a lot of leftovers but every now and then I get stuck with nothing to send. Luckily, Monkey's school has a microwave so I keep a back up of pasta meals in the freezer for him. I make big batches and freeze them in muffin tins and then pop them into ziploc bags. Two to three frozen pucks and ta-da! Instant lunch.

Well that's pretty much all I've got today. Hopefully, I'll be able to come up with some more positive Mummy Moments soon.

Cheers, Nikki


  1. Oh Sweetie! I can say that you are likely not seeing what a positive influence you are having as a mom. As mom to an 18 and 16 year old, both girls, I often thought that nothing I did was a success. But seeing how they have turned out so far, is heartening. As to the husband's work thing, I have so been there. If you need some encouragement, send me a note. I can't fix the issue, but I can tell you how I dealt with it. I will send some prayers your way! Keep slogging.

  2. I am going to steal both of these awesome ideas ASAP! My little guy is in a picky eating stage right now but I dare him to resist the Happy Face Lunch. Hang in there....


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