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Friday, March 8, 2013

FO Friday #69 - Another Wee Knit

Happy Friday everyone!

You may remember that I was knitting a little jumpsuit for my yet-unborn Bean back in December. I was feeling a little guilty that all I had made him was a hat. When Bean took his sweet time arriving I convinced myself that he was refusing to come until his outfit was finished. Since he came over a week after it was done, I guess I was a little off base on that. And of course, when he did come, the jumpsuit was massive on him. What a difference six weeks can make...

He looks cranky here because I woke him up taking the picture - oops!

Despite its less than inspiring name, this is a great little free pattern. It is knit bottom up and is virtually seamless. The original pattern has a hood but I was a little short on yarn and don't actually find hoods very practical for little babies. I don't like letting them fall asleep in garments with hoods and changing them for every nap is out of the question! I improvised the ribbed neck.

I love this yarn! It was lovely to knit and it is very soft. The very best part was I got it 50%off ; )

Since winter has returned with a vengeance around these parts, I think Bean will have ample opportunity to wear this little suit in the next little while. (that's me looking for the silver lining in the twenty centimetres of snow outside my door)

We've got a big weekend planned as my Monkey is turning five on Sunday! We are having a Pirate/Mini Golf party. I am super stressed about making the cake! Hopefully it will be nice enough to show pictures to you next week... but if I don't, let's never speak of it again, OK?

Have a fantastic FO Friday and a fabulous weekend!

Cheers, Nikki


  1. I love is expression in that picture - it's so cute and grumpy ;)

    The jumpsuit is so cute, and I think you made the right call on omitting the hood, that can't be comfortable to lie on.

  2. Oh, he looks so cute and snuggly, and precisely how you'd expect him to look after being woken up! Gorgeous jumpsuit :-) .

  3. What a cutie! He does look a little put off by the modeling job. LOL. I just finished a wool hat for my niece and it will be 60 on Saturday! Oh well, there is always a late winter blast we get. Maybe she will get to wear it once or twice.

  4. The jumpsuit is really lovely! Your model is just adorable too.

  5. I LOVE it! SQUUEEEE! He looks completely adorable, if a little perturbed! :-D

  6. What a darling little jumpsuit. It's pretty chilly around here so hopefully you get some jumpsuit-wearing weather before he grows out of it :)

    Good luck in the kitchen. It's always store-bought around here, because I can just never get them to turn out.

  7. That is a gorgeous little jumpsuit. Your baby is beautiful and looks just like I feel if someone wakes me from one of my naps too.

    1. buddy, I feel your pain..I get that same look when woken up...but you are so lucky..what a great outfit and plenty more to come!


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