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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

WIP Wednesday #81 - A Lovely Puddle

Happy Wednesday everyone!

I spent the first week after my baby's birth knitting very small and simple things. (I haven't figured out what to call him on the blog yet!).
His birth did not go exactly as planned and after 15 hours of labour we ended up in a very rushed and urgent c-section. The only word I can really use to describe the whole thing is traumatic. I have spent the last 10 days feeling very sore.
The good news is that the baby came out pink and yelling and all the extra people that had rushed to the operating room to help had to go find something else to do : )

It's wasn't until Sunday that I started to feel my knitting mojo coming back. So, I have picked up my Traveling Woman shawl that I started making as a birthday gift for my husband's aunt. Her birthday is February 14 and I have 30 rows of ever growing stitches left. Also she lives in Nova Scotia. This will be a bit of a challenge ; )

I am knitting with the always dreamy Madelinetosh tosh merino light in the colourway Cove. In true lace style it currently looks like a puddle of stitches.

But what a lovely puddle it is.

Cheers, Nikki

As always, I'm linking up with the party over at Tami's Amis


  1. Once again congrats on the baby, it's such exciting news. Your shawl looks gorgeous. Have a knitty wednesday xx

  2. It is quite a lovely puddle! With my first son, we had to have an emergency c-section too but he came out all brown and screaming and is doing very well! lol. The recovery gets better. I'm glad you got your mojo back and good luck with the shawl.

  3. Glad to hear everyone is doing better! I'm sure the Aunt will understand if the shawl arrives a few days late. You've been busy after all!

  4. SO glad that you're both okay! It cracks me up that you had to revert to knitting "small and simple" stuff the week after you gave birth. I'm ridiculously impressed that you managed anything beyond getting to the couch occasionally. You're Super Woman! Also, if you're taking votes -- He looks like a Bean to me!

  5. I'm glad to hear you and your sweet boy are well and getting into the swing of things. And, of course, it's wonderful that you're getting your knitting mojo back.

  6. Congratulations on your new baby! I had a c-section with my daughter and it takes a while to feel back normal. Take it easy and enjoy your new son.

  7. What a lovely shawl! I had a c-section too and yes, all what is said I think too. Enjoy your son and try to take it easy. Wish you all the best! And you have the best reason to be late with the shawl. A new born - what a great happening! Greetings from Germany.

  8. We had an emergency C-section with #1, very traumatic. So for #2 we just scheduled another 2 weeks early so there would be no more trauma! They both came out so perfect and no cone heads. LOL. Hope you are all recovering from the birth.

  9. I love this pattern! I made one and it was fun to knit. Take care of yourself an you little one!

  10. Congratulations once again! I hope that you continue to get your strength back. I had a c-section with the little guy and it took a few weeks before I felt like myself again.Take it slow and get lots of rest when you can. The shawl is looking lovely, especially in the gorgeous Cove colourway.

  11. I can't believe your knitting mojo is back already!! You are a wonderwoman, and I'm glad all went well in the end. The shawl is lovely.


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