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Friday, January 18, 2013

FO Friday #64 - Cowl Couplet

Happy Friday everyone!

This week has more about starting projects than finishing them (I think I've cast on 4 projects in the last 3 days - No I'm not feeling anxious and impatient. Why do you ask?) But fortunately, prior to the startitis, was a bout of finishitis, where I finished just about every WIP I had going. And I am way behind in showing them to you!

First up is a couple cowls.

This one was my Christmas gift for my Mum.

Pattern: Stockholm Scarf by Knitted Bliss - It's free!

I actually loved knitting this yarn (and got more for Christmas - yippee!). It is a gorgeous soft alpaca with just the right amount of sparkle. Enough to be interesting but not gaudy.

Next is a cowl that I reverse engineered from a big bulky cowl that my cousin bought at Ann Taylor Loft. While I was in Halifax in December my cousin, her mom and I all bought big needles and super bulky yarn and each whipped one of these puppies up - so fun!

There bound to be tons of crafty items to see today at Tami's Amis. But be sure to check back here next week as I have lots more finished items to show!

Cheers, Nikki


  1. Just popping over from Tami's, really great cowls both look wonderful, can't wait to see all the items started.

  2. gorgeous cowls! :) I want to knit stockholm scarf someday.. it's good to have finishitis accompanying startitis.

  3. Love the cowls. I just need to decide on one and make it for myself. I have made several for others. But there are so many lovely ones!!!

  4. I love the Stockholm cowl. BeaUtIFuL.

  5. Great cowls! I've added the Stockholm to my queue, thanks!

  6. Both your cowls are gorgeous. I especially like the Stockholm Scarf. It looks wonderful in that yarn.

  7. Both of those cowls look great! I haven't made a cowl in a long time now, hrm ...

  8. Both cowls look great! I really like the first one. :)

  9. Love the cowls! They both look so warm and cozy. I especially like the one that you reverse engineered. I have some bulky alpaca in the stash that would be perfect for one of these. Any chance of a pattern post in the future? I am horrible at reverse engineering anything :)

  10. Both cowls are lovely! Love the warm & earthy colors.

  11. Lovely cowls. I really like the pattern on that first one.


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