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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

WIP Wednesday #75: The Race is On and I'm Stuck in the Pits

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Up until a few days ago, I was making good progress on my Christmas knitting. This past weekend was my birthday, my mum came to visit and I caught a nasty cold. All of this seems to have combined to put a stall on my knitting output. I am on the last project that I NEED to have done before our trip to the east coast on Friday. I'm even on the crown of the hat. I love the way it looks but it does seem rather, um, big. It is a hat for a big man but it seems, um, quite big even for that. I'm going to take it to my knit night tonight and get a second opinion. It would be nice not to have to start again.

Cheers, Nikki

I got an iPad from my lovely family for my birthday! It was rather editing to create this post on it : ). If anything looks glitchy please let me know. I'm still learning!


  1. Your post looks great, and I hope the hat fits. I love the colours!

  2. Fingers crossed you don't have to restart the hat!

  3. Your post looks great! I hope the hat is OK.
    I also hope you feel better quickly.

  4. I love that hat!

  5. I hate when hats don't seem right. I worry and worry until I can find a head to try it on. Hope yours doesn't have to come undone. Love the colors you are using. Get well soon!

  6. Oh, no. A cold for your birthday?!?! That's a gift I bet you wish you could return. I always get nervous the hats I make for my husband look too big while I'm knitting them, but they end up fitting. Hopefully, your hat is the right size and you don't have to RIP it back.

  7. Boo to nasty colds, especially while you're preggo! I'm crossing my fingers for your hat -- let us know how it turns out.

  8. I hope it fits alright. Good luck with the Christmas Knitting

  9. Eh, if it doesn't fit her, it will make a great gift for someone with a bigger head!

  10. The post looks good. Enjoy your knitting group tonight! Regula

  11. Happy happy birthday! I hope that you are feeling better. The hat looks great, love the colors. Fingers crossed that it fits!

  12. Get well soon - I really hope the hat will fit - the colours are lovely. Have you measured the circumference??? This should give you a guess.


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