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Friday, November 23, 2012

FO Friday #60 - Merino Mittens (soft as kittens)

Happy Friday everyone!

Wow, this is another week that I am not sorry to see the back of (except for the fact that my husband is working all weekend - sigh).

My 3rd trimester has brought back my worst nemesis (nemes-i? nemesises?) the 2 H's: heartburn and and... well, that's probably TMI. Needless to say, I am pretty much uncomfortable every waking hour and some of the sleeping ones too. Add in a husband who was away one week and then working 12 hours days the next, a little boy who is sick again and an unexpected winter storm with frigid temperatures and I am pretty much done.

I wish I could say that I can see the light at the end of the tunnel but really all I can see is the addition of a screaming baby in less than two months!

Thanks goodness for knitting. It is probably my only reliable retreat right now.
I spent part of this last week knitting the most delicious mittens.

Simple pattern, beautiful yarn and pretty colours... the perfect recipe for a much needed, if short-lived, escape.


Pattern: Warmest Mittens by  Kris Percival (free!)
Yarn: Malabrigo Worsted - 65 grams used total
Needles: 3.75mm and 4mm bamboo DPN's

I moved the position of the thumb on the second mitten relative to the start of the round so that the colour  changes occur just inside the thumb on both mitts.


I love these mittens. They were so hard to send to my friend for birthday. Fortunately, my LYS just had a big sale on malabrigo worsted, and judging my the new additions in my stash, I suspect there will be more of these mittens in my future : )


Here's one last pic of these pretty mittens with an even prettier project bag that a wonderful friend gave me this week for my birthday. Isn't it cute?

I hope all my American friends out there had a wonderful Thanksgiving and that the rest get the chance to enjoy one last relaxing weekend before the festive season is truly upon us. If you get a chance, take some time to check out more FO's through Tami's blog and Knit Knit Knit!!

Cheers, Nikki 


  1. Your mittens are beautiful!
    I hope you feel better. When I was pregnant with my daughter eons ago and had killer heartburn I chewed mint gum. Between the chewing and the mint it helped as long as I was up and moving around. I hope you find something that works for you.

  2. Beautiful mittens. I like the colour combination. They must be the softest mittens ever!

  3. oooooo pretty! I can almost feel how soft those mittens are. I hope your two H's calm down soon.

  4. SO lovely! I'm sure your friend will love them. Hope you are feeling more comfortable soon - I remember that discomfort well (((hug)))

  5. I am so sorry to hear you're having a rough time; I found Gaviscon to be the Miracle Cure when I had pregnancy heartburn, I drank gallons of the stuff; but no ideas for the other end, sorry :-( x

  6. Love them. You surely will not go wrong in making yourself a pair. I hope all gets better as the last of your pregnancy passes. Have you been check for gall bladder issues? I didn't know that pregnancy can create issues with gall bladder. I finally had mine out after the 2nd one.

  7. I'm getting a Malabrigo addiction, it's so lovely isn't it? Loving your mitss. I adore the style, the colours and your stitches are so neat!

  8. Love the mittens! They are so cheerful and cozy looking. I have made several pairs using that same great pattern. The last few months of pregnancy are the pits. I had horrible migraines and heartburn with mine. I hope that you can find more snatches of relaxing knitting time.


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