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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

WIP Wednesday #72 - Denial Denied

Happy Hallowe'en everybody!

Today is a very exciting day in the lives of my children. We've got costume dress-up for school, dinner and trick-or-treating at a friend's house and various other holiday chaos going on. I expect to have two very hyped up, over tired children by the end of the day... again. Oh, well I guess that's what being a kid is all about : )

On the other hand, as a knitter, the end of October means something else to me... I can no longer deny that Christmas is bearing quickly down upon us. This year, I have especially tried to ignore the coming end of the year, because just a a few weeks into the new year I am due to have a baby. Yikes!

But despite my efforts, the days keep ticking by. I was inspired by a friend to create a spreadsheet of my Christmas knitting goals but I am kidding myself if I think I can possibly be that organized. I have at least managed to add some deadlines to my queued projects on Ravelry. And so, today's WIP is a planned Christmas gift for my Aunt.

With this ingenious little pattern, 25 rows of Cascade 220 held double gets you a whole slipper ready to felt. At this rate, I should have a pair of slippers ready to give away by the weekend.

If they work out. Fingers crossed!

Cheers, Nikki


  1. Fingers crossed for you ;) Love the colour.

  2. I like the colors you chose! I'm sure your aunt will love them.

  3. I have been looking at that pattern, and now you did it! Pattern purchased. I have loads of 220 and Paton's CW to use up.

  4. I love the colors!! Esp. that bright blue!! Hope it all works for you!

  5. Wow they look cool.

  6. Love your choice of pattern and colors. I always get a kick out of seeing something go through the felting process. It is like watching a magic trick. Fingers crossed that yours turns into a comfy cozy pair of slippers and not a bunny :) Now that tomorrow is the first day of November, I guess that we can no longer deny that Christmas is just around the corner. Yikes!


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