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Friday, August 3, 2012

FO Friday #52 - A Massive Multnomah

Happy Friday everyone.

I am so excited for today because my very dear friend (and her family) arrive for a visit from Australia. Yippee!

I am also excited to show you today's FO because it really felt like a marathon effort. I made my Nan a shawl a few months ago for her birthday while she was recovering from a knee replacement. My Nan lives in Wales and when I last spoke with her, I discovered that her lovely shawl has been "borrowed" by her sister who has recently moved into a nursing home. So, I decided to make one for my Aunty Pat too. Likes my Nan's, I wanted it to be big and squishy. Well, this certainly fits the bill!

B is for Baby Llama

This is a great free pattern. The feather and fan lace is very easy and need no chart. The pattern is written for fingering weight. I used worsted and increased the size. A lot. 

70% llama and 30% silk
Almost 4 whole skeins used
The yarn was a pleasure to knit with. It has a lovely shine and is very soft. The garter stitch was the perfect choice to created a soft and squishy fabric. I only blocked this lightly to preserve that quality (and because the shawl is kind of massive). 

Needle: 4.5mm on a 40 inch circular

As I stated above, I used a worsted weight yarn for this shawl and increased my needle size as appropriate. I kept knitting the garter until I had enough stitches for 10 feather and fan repeats on each side. (I did even have to do the math as the lovely designer had done it for me). In the end, it measures 25 " x 64".

When I draped this finished object over my shoulders for the first time, I could not believe I was going to give it away. But I will... after I show it off to my friends ; )

Happy long weekend to my Canadian friends. I am going dedicate it to showing my jet lagged aussie company a good time.

Cheers, Nikki


  1. It's beautiful! I love the colour. Clearly you need another one for you.

  2. It's gorgeous! I love how the same pattern can turn into such massively different finished objects. I made my Multnomah with fingering yarn and it's MUCH smaller... thus I'm blocking it more heavily ;)

    I might have to try your version, because I loved knitting it :)

  3. It's beautiful! I've had that pattern in my queue for quite awhile! You have a lucky aunt!

  4. Its beautiful, I would have a hard time giving it away.

  5. I love the size of it..Mulberry is one of my favorite colors!

  6. Beautiful! I'm definitely going to make this for my Mum now.

  7. That is a lovely shawl and looks so warm for your auntie. You are a good niece.

  8. The best gifts are those you actually would love to keep. Love it!

  9. I love the color. And it looks HUGE- very cozy!

  10. Beautiful shawl, colour and pattern.

  11. I LOVE what you have created! Beautiful shawl, your aunt is very lucky.

  12. How sweet! I wish I could do that pattern, but it is too much like feather and fan, which puts me to sleep! LOL. After an afghan of feather and fan early in my knitting life I cannot even think of doing anything like it. But it makes such a lovely shawl.

  13. It's absolutely gorgeous. The colour is divine and makes me want to snuggle right into the shawl


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