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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

WIP Wednesday #67 - Swept Away

Happy Wednesday everyone.

I know I'm posting really late but I often live by the adage "better late than never" and it seems today is no exception.

What a week it has been!

It has been a truly incredible family holiday. We have only had one day of rain in almost two weeks (this is almost unheard of in Nova Scotia).

It has been a week filled with:

Some gorgeous sights...
Peggy's Cove

And a few unexpected ones.

A 4 year old driving a boat, oh my!
The Tall Ships were in Halifax but we just happened across this one
when we were out for a boat ride in the fog
My crazy husband - that water is freezing!
An pub that really knows how to serve a (fake) beer

 Not to mention a very special 2nd birthday!

I can believe how grown up she looks here!

Of course, all of these photos are really to distract you from the fact that all the knitting I've been doing is of the secret kind. The best I can show you is this sneaky shot.

We head home tomorrow and no one is looking forward to leaving. Hopefully, we'll settle back into our regular routine quickly and I'll have an FO for you next week!

Cheers, Nikki


  1. you secret knitting looks intriguing! cant wait to see more.

    And gorgeous photos! I might just have to put some up from my recent trip :D

  2. I love a good sneaky-knit, and that one looks marvelous---great colours. Great vacation photos, too. That tall ship photo is wonderfully mysterious.

  3. ahhhh..your pictures have made me homesick as I am from Nova Scotia...congrats on the sneaky knit..!

  4. Pretty colours in your secret knitting, can't wait to see how that turns out! Glad you had a good holiday, it looks like heaven.

  5. Beautiful pictures! Nova Scotia is so lovely. I look forward to seeing what the secret knit is :)


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