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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

WIP Wednesday #59 - On Your Marks....

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Today marks the kick off of luvinthemummyhood's spring KAL "tops, tanks and tees". After all the choices I was considering, I started to swatch for Mirabell and decided I would probably get a lot more wear out of a little cardigan than a top. So, I've decided to knit Cherry. I'm going to use some creamy coloured Debbie Bliss Cathay that has been marinating in my stash for a long while.

I'm all swatched and ready to go.

I haven't decided if I'm going to knit the pattern as written or make it without the waist ties. I think it looks super cute with the ties but I suspect I would get more use out of it without. Maybe I'm being swayed by how gorgeous the project is that I linked above. Any thoughts?

Now that the yarn diet is over (and man oh man is it over), I'm looking forward to starting a few new things. I had promised myself that if I survived the diet I would treat myself to some fancy yarn to knit Color Affection. I thought about it for months. What colours I would use. What yarn I would order...

Then, last week I saw Stripe Your Fancy. And for now, all thoughts of Colour Affection have flown out of my head. I picked up some Ultra Alpaca Fine this weekend (cheap yarn - go figure) and thought I would give it a go. I'm not sure of the colour combo I picked. 

I've heard that if you want to see if there is enough contrast between your colours for stranding you should look at them in black and white and if the colours blend together they won't work well for colourwork.

The blue and the burgundy are almost indistinguishable. But my plan is to use the gray in the middle and I think that might be enough to break them up.  Anyways at ten bucks a skein, I think it's worth a go.

That's it from around here. I hope you all enjoyed a lovely spring holiday weekend. Don't forget to check out plenty more (and I mean plenty more WIP's) through our host Tami's blog.

Cheers, Nikki


  1. I love the Cherry, it is cute! I would do it without ties, but that is just me, and what I think works with my figure. I so want to join the KAL, but I've got loads of projects I really ought to finish first. Sigh. Have fun!

  2. Cherry is a gorgeous cardigan – gone straight in my favourites! And that striped shawl is going to look really lovely.

  3. I love the colours! I think with the grey in the middle the colours will work magnificently!!!

  4. I love the three colours you've chosen, they look gorgeous together :) I would do Cherry without ties, as I'd personally get more wear out of it that way. Is there any way to add them later if you change your mind?

  5. Love the colours and love the pattern on the swatch!

  6. Great colours! Seems to me with the gray in the middle they would contrast perfectly.

  7. Oh how I love gray!!

    I am popping in from Tami's WIP Wednesday. My project is here..

  8. The Cherry pattern looks nice and light for spring - beautiful! I think the colors you picked up for Color Affection are fabulous - can't wait to see the FO!

  9. Cherry looks lovely. I'd do it without the ties too.

    Love the colours you've chosen for Color affection, they are so down my street.

  10. Oh wow, that Stripe your Fancy pattern is amazing, I hope your colours will work the way you want them to! (And I'd never heard that, about viewing them in black and white to see how the contrast will be. Awesome tip, thanks for sharing.)

    Re: the Cherry, (a) oh my gosh, the swatch is gorgeous and (b) I like it without the waist ties.

  11. Both cute choices! I like it with the waist ties, but you should do whatever you think you'd mostly wear!
    Yummy new yarn!

  12. I'm totally in love with the colors you chose!!!

  13. Don't bother with the ties: they're one of those things that look good in photos but in reality just get in your way :)

  14. Both are nice but I like the one without the ties.

  15. Love the swatch! I've always heard that about colorwork, but I never actually saw someone do it :). Thanks for trying it for me.

  16. I love the Cherry too and I'd also do it without the ties

  17. Nice colors! Good luck in the KAL!

  18. You picked two super patterns. I really like the Cherry without the ties. It would be less fussy to wear. The shape of that shawl is so cool! Having the gray in between the other two colors is a good idea. Great colors.


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