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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

WIP Wednesday #58 - Paradise Post Script

Happy Wednesday everyone!

I am writing this post a little in advance, before we leave Maui, because we are traveling through the night on Tuesday and don't get home until really late (or really early depending how you look at it).

On the weekend, I finished my Can-Oz KAL shawl. I had so much fun on this, my first, knit-along. We will definitely have to do it again. This one was started by the Canadians of the group so I suspect the next one will be Aussie's choice. (I'm mildly concerned because I have heard rumoured threats involving colourwork).

Here it is as an upside down, unblocked, puddle
After dedicating myself fairly exclusively to the shawl, I looked around at my other WIP's and noticed that everything I have on the go involves either lace or itty bitty needles. I was not feeling inspired by any of it. So, I decided to give myself a break and cast on something new (naturally).

I've started making an in threes: a baby cardigan for a friend's new babe (using yarn from the never ending stash - of course).

Incidentally, I've noticed that I have developed a bit of a hierarchy for knitted baby gifts. For the most part, my husband's work colleagues get hats, friends get vest or cardigans and family get blankets.

Also... knitting this wee cardi has reminded me how quickly baby clothes knit up (and how long baby blankets take)!

I have been very much enjoying knitting this cardi - mostly like this:

I am going to missing knitting in the sun, sigh. The one conciliation prize I take from having to leave this glorious vacation is... when I get home, the yarn diet is over. Yippee!!!!

As always, thanks to Tami for hosting WIP Wednesday. And, don't forget to check back Friday to see my shawl after the wonder of blocking!

Cheers, Nikki


  1. Baby gift hierarchy sounds good to me ;)

    Your shawl looks really pretty already, can't wait to see it blocked! And don't be scared of colourwork, it's much easier than it looks ;)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Sorry, wanted to add some more but posted before I could!

    Ahh, shame your holiday is done, went by pretty quickly, was enjoying your views! Anyway, glad your diet is over.....I am wondering is there a knitters annonymous? I know I would consider going, hubby is starting to shake his head everytime my eyes light up at the prospect of another project and more wool :-)

    I love the shawl!

  4. I think the baby gift hierarchy sounds about right. I'm currently working on a baby blanket for my husband's SIL & brother for their new baby......and I'm halfway done. Once it's done, it's on to the Hippo from Itty-Bitty Toys for their other daughter. I'm positive that I won't have that done by the time the baby comes in July. *sigh*

    I'll get there...and you'll get there...and I'm jealous of your knitting in the sun. We were teased a lot around here as we had some lovely weather and then it decided to drop back down into the normal spring weather. Oh well...

  5. Can you give me vacation lessons? Mine are usually 4 days and involve peeing in the woods. Yours are so much more spectacular! Very impressive. And HUGE congrats to you for surviving the yarn diet. If we lived closer, I'd totally take you shopping this weekend. Enjoy!

  6. I like this idea of knitted gift hierarchy! That cardigan looks absolutely adorable! :)

  7. The cardi is ADORABLE. I love your idea of hierarchy for gifts, makes everything so much simpler.

  8. Beautiful projects, and what a lovely spot to sit and knit!

  9. Maui! WOWEE, I'm jealous! I love your baby knits hierarchy! I haven't actually implemented any process for my baby knits, but I follow somewhat similar guidelines subconsciously.

  10. Well I already like the looks of upside down unblocked puddle :)

  11. Maui knitting sounds like the best kind---and I also really like the shawl, even as an unblocked puddle! The yarn and texture look amazing. I hope your trip home is smooth and uneventful, and that you arrive to not-too-shabby early spring weather. :)

  12. I like the knitting hierarchy. I need to find some quicker baby knits than blankets for the same reasons. ;)

  13. Welcome back from Paradise. The puddle of shawl looks super. Can't wait to see it blocked. Have fun yarn shopping!


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