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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Random Tuesday

We had a wonderful Easter weekend that culminated in 13 people in the house for dinner on Sunday.

the kids with their easter haul

I spent most of the day getting ready and when I went to set the table I noticed it was looking a little worse for wear.

We bought our table almost five years ago. I love the square shape, the colour and the fact that it's solid wood. But the truth is, I don't think it has a great quality finish. Over the years, it has frequently gotten white marks on it from hot dishes (or even just the sun shining directly on it).


When this first happened, I thought that the table was ruined but then I googled around and found a solution that sounded kind of drastic.

All you need is a thin towel (like a tea towel) and an iron set at the lowest setting where it will still steam.

Then you simply place the towel over the damaged spot.

And iron the table!


Seriously, it's like magic. Want to see it again?

I've done it a bunch of times now and it always works and doesn't seem to do any lasting damage. (Of course you are on your own with your own table!)

I spoke to my Nan in Wales on Sunday and she said she loved her shawl. Then she said, "you're a real housewife now, aren't you?"

I guess I am.

Cheers, Nikki


  1. That's an impressive trick!

    If I had any real wood (rather than IKEA stuff!) I would so be trying this out. But I have a feeling the laminated stuff might melt instead ;)

  2. I will file that trick away in the recesses of my brain. So useful!


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