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Sunday, April 29, 2012


Happy Sunday everyone!

Today is the last day of blog week! It has been great fun to blog about each of the topics. Let me tell you, blogging every day is a lot of work! I have loved reading everyone's posts and am definitely feeling a renewed inspiration for blogging.

For this last day, I'm going with the Wild Card topic:  Craft Your Perfect Day.
Mostly, because I love fantasizing about crafting the days away : )

My current fantasy involves my Craft Group meeting up with our sister group from Australia... in Hawaii... or maybe Rhinebeck. I'm pretty sure someone is going to have to win the lottery to make that one happen!

I have been very fortunate to have a few lovely "Craftaway weekends" and "Crafternoons".

The formula for my ideal crafting day includes:

A beautiful setting
Canmore, Alberta

A long drive with lots of knitting. (It would be best if we could get a chauffeur so no one had to waste time driving, but we haven't quite gotten that one figured out yet.)

A good meal and a glass of beer or wine (with knitting at the table of course).

Knitting outside in the sunshine.
2 weeks ago in Canmore.

At least one fabulous yarn shop stop (complete with purchase of equally fabulous yarn - of course).

Bendigo, Australia

Absolutely NO children. (This is crucial)

Great friends.

My last Crafternoon even included a visit from some adorable local bunnies (this is a bonus but is not essential to the perfect day).

What does your Perfect Crafting Day include?

Cheers, Nikki

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  1. Wow, Canmore most definitely meets the beautiful setting requirement! Your perfect crafting day sounds wonderful!


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