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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

3KCBWDAY2 - Photography Challenge Day

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Over the last few days the weather has been glorious and there are sure signs that Spring has finally arrived in Calgary.

The tulips have thrown caution to the wind and are emerging despite the frost risk.

The patio set is out
(with some much needed help from Grandpa and Doodlebug)

Rare yarn flowers have been spotted in the wild!
I hope spring has sprung where you are!!

To find more knitting and crochet blog week posts for today, search for 3KCBWDAY2.

Cheers, Nikki

PS: My husband unexpectedly came home while I was arranging the "yarn flowers". He stood talking to me for 10 minutes and never asked what I was doing. Apparently, it going to take more than me crawling around on the deck with yarn to rattle him.

PPS: It's only day two of blog week and my stash is already in total disarray!


  1. ooooh rare yarn flowers - i got to get me some of them!!! doodlebug is a real sweetie. have a great tuesday xx

  2. Cute! I have something like this for the Friday post, thihi. See you tomorrow!

  3. Best. Flowers. Ever. Great idea, totally grin-inducing photo. (And hooray for signs of spring!)

  4. Love the yarn flower. I need some in my garden. =)

  5. Pretty! And your husband rocks

  6. Ha ha! I guess our husbands are getting used to us crawling around and doing wacky things for the sake of a good knitting picture. Love the rare yarn flowers. Now where can I find those gorgeous ones on the right?

    (Thanks for the nomination. It is totally sweet of you, especially considering all the great pictures posted today.)

  7. Love your flowers'' photo...yarn imitating nature
    Ana BC


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