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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

WIP Wednesday # 55 - So much to do...

Happy Wednesday everyone!

So much to do, so little time. That definitely captures the way this past week has felt. My Monkey had a wonderful 4th birthday, complete with a birthday party on his actual birthday. He is currently obsessed with Disney's Cars and the party and gifts kept with the theme.

He originally wanted a race car cake but I was able to convince him
 that a race track with toys he could keep was wayyy cooler ; )

He's so proud of all his little car replicas.
He even has a little bag he uses to bring them everywhere.
Planning for a Fabulous Fourth birthday Fete took up a lot of my free time (and energy!) last week but I did manage to get back to work on my poncho.

I wasn't really enjoying knitting the cotton at first but it isn't really bothering me any more. I had hoped to have it finished for our upcoming trip to Hawaii but it got bumped for my grandmother's shawl (she's doing great by the way : ) Since we leave in seven days, that is definitely not going to happen. Oh well, it will still be nice for the summer.

I also restarted a sock. I tried to make my first sock when we went to Hawaii last year but it was too tight to get on.  I've dug out the same yarn and am trying again. I still think a nice simple sock will be the perfect project poolside.

I hope to bring you next week's WIPW update complete with pictures of sand and surf. It will definitely beat being here (yesterday it was sunny and 12 degrees and in less than five minutes it dropped to 1 degree and was snowing - sadly, I'm not kidding).

I hope you have time to check in with some more WIP's through Tami's blog. I also hope to have one more post for you before I go!

Cheers, Nikki


  1. What a lovely poncho pattern! It looks like it will be very wearable, and love the colour!

  2. I agree a lovely poncho pattern. My first sock was to tight, really pretty yarn colour for the socks.

  3. Your son's cake was amazing! And how cute is he with his cars?!!
    I really like the poncho pattern and good luck with the sock!

  4. OOOh - I haven't seen that Ponchette pattern before, it's really nice!

    Hope you have a wonderful trip (I'll admit to being a bit envious!) and look forward to your pics!

  5. Good luck with the sock! I hope you have a great trip and I can't wait to see the vacation pictures (sock included)!

  6. Love that cake! Your ponch looks great, I like that pattern. Good luck with the sock, I'm sure this time will be just right!

  7. ooh cute cake - i love the sides. good luck with the socks - urgh socks scare me. The poncho looks great, love the pattern.

  8. Wow, that cake is awesome and he is so adorable!!! The ponchette looks great and the socks too!

  9. Everything looks great! The cake is fantastic! Happy Birthday to your son:)

  10. Who wouldn't love that cake! Good luck on knitting and your trip. Enjoy.

  11. Love the cake! I agree the cars to have later are the best ;). Have fun on your travels, the weather has been pretty polar here as well. I posted pictures last week of 2 inches of snow and the next morning it had all melted.

  12. Love the cake too, your little boy looks so happy! I love the color of your sock yarn and I think that they will turn out looking great with just a "normal" pattern. The yarn is fancy enough.

  13. Lovely start on your sock - the blue water and blue sky colours of the yarn look perfect for a planned trip to Hawaii!

  14. Really cute cake for your son! Gotta love the cars obsession though. =) I can't wait to see the finished poncho.

  15. have fun in Hawaii, I agree a sock will be perfect for knitting poolside. I'm a little jealous of you...of the snow though! It was a rare almost snow-free winter around here.

  16. What a fabulous cake - did you make it??


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