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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

WIP Wednesday #54 - In which I learn how to count...

Happy Wednesday everyone.

I have spent the entire last week working on the shawl for my Nan. If you recall, last Wednesday, I was a bit concerned because my gauge was tight and I was only halfway through my yarn but almost entirely done the body of the pattern.

Yeah. Not so much.

The shawl has just about the simplest pattern possible of plain garter stitch in which you increase 4 stitches every right side row (starting with 9 and finishing with 303!), Because there are so many stitches and the centre point in marked, I was only counting half the stitches and then working out how many rows I had left if I increased 4 stitches every other row. The problem is, if you only count half the stitches then you should also count half in the increases. Duh!

This meant that I had twice as many rows to go than I thought. And man, those last rows chew up the yarn!

Anyhoo... now it is all going swimmingly and the end is firmly in sight.

Hopefully, I will have a finished project to show you on Friday!

Cheers, Nikki

 PS: Special thanks to everyone who commented last week with their words of wisdom. Next time, if someone feels the urge to say "Hey dummy, are you sure you've counted that right and aren't wasting our time here?" I will totally understand.

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  1. I totally hear you on the counting...I have so many d'uh moments it's almost not funny anymore.

    Love how the shawl is progressing and I look forward to see the completed project

  2. Ha!! I do this sort of stuff all the time. I am glad it worked out and it does look beautiful. Like a warm hug!

  3. I'm glad I'm not the only one who makes counting mistakes - when the realisation hits I always feel like such an idiot!

  4. wow your shawl is so beautiful, the colour is gorgeous and i love the edging too!!!

  5. I love your shawl it is lovely. I especially like the creamy color and texture of that yarn. One suggestion, Any time I have to count a huge number of stitches I gather up a ton of stitch markers ( I use safety pins or bobby pins)and mark every 10 stitches. I have even been known to cut out little bit of paper with the count number and stick them on the stitch markers as well. There is nothing worse than counting out 300 plus stitches and realize your off and have to start counting again to make sure.

  6. Many a time I have run the calculations to see if I will have enough yarn left. After many a times my calculations are wrong I have realized the yarn isn't a finite item and it's always a crap shoot! LOL. Glad you are able to finish as desired.

  7. Yay for bad math! It's much better than bad physics, in which you are unable to make 20 grams of yarn into 12" of knitting. Enjoy your happy bungle -- the shawl is looking lovely!

  8. Sounds like you've got it sorted out. It's got a very charming and classic simplicity about that. I bet Nan will love it!

  9. Looks great so far! Glad you're back on track with counting.

  10. Yep. No worries. We all suck at the counting, sometimes. ^_^

  11. Glad it's working out! I hate counting in knitting and crochet - I always get mixed up and find I have to write everything down if I want to get the right number out at the end. And I just made a GINORMOUS baby quilt because I misjudged the size of my blocks! So yes, we've all done it :)

    The shawl is beautiful and I'm sure will be much appreciated.

  12. Don't you just love knitting math? At least this time, the error was in your favor. The shawl is looking great. Those last few rows always seem to be the looooongest.

  13. LOL - my math skills have certainly been tested ever since I became a knitter. I feel your pain :-)


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