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Friday, March 9, 2012

FO Friday #42 - Substitute Hug

Happy Friday everyone!

It's is a big weekend around here as my Monkey turns 4 tomorrow! Wow, that feels crazy even to type.

I'm so glad I got this shawl knit for my Nan. It is her birthday at the end of the month and this should easily make it to her in time. This was my first truly therapeutic knit. I was so worried about her during her surgery and it felt so good to channel that energy into something, rather than just spending hours nervously playing Bejeweled Blitz.. ok, maybe I did that too. In the end, I feel like I turned that time and my love for her into something beautiful. I hope Nan feels me close every time she touches it.

Substitute Hug

Pattern: Milk Run Shawl by Cat Wong
A great free pattern, loosely based on the shawl the Duchess wore shopping a few months ago. The pattern has several options for variations. It was quick, easy (once you finally learn how to count) and I love the result.

Yarn: Cameo by Bendigo Woolen Mills (discontinued)
85% Wool 15% Angora
390g used

I got this yarn on whim from the amazing back room at Bendigo Woollen Mills during my trip to Australia last year. I touched a swatch by the bin of yarn and all resistance was futile. It is warm, so very soft and wonderfully squishy. For the life of me, I have no idea why it is discontinued.

Needles: 5.0mm KnitPicks nickel circular

I shortened the body by two rows for fear of running short of yarn. Even still, I had to end the ruffle two rows early. It blocked out to 70" across the top and 28" down the middle. I didn't block it too hard as I didn't wanted lose the yarn's gorgeous squishiness.

I hope you have a weekend full of your own soft a squishy yarn. Mine will be spent will this guy and a lot of cake.

Making the most of the snow yesterday morning.
By the afternoon, it was melted. Such a bizarre time of year.

Cheers, Nikki


  1. The shawl looks beautiful, and no doubt will be well loved as a hug from you :)

  2. That sure does look like a big warm hug. I feel that way when I wear my shawls sometimes...glad you have one that totally is meant to do it.

  3. That is a gorgeous shawl. I am sure your Nan will love and cherish it.

  4. She will feel the love each time she wraps up in it. I dare say it likely will be left out to admire and pet. Happy Birthday to the Monkey!

  5. Your Nan will feel the love when she wraps your shawl around her shoulders. I hope she is doing better soon.

  6. The shawl is gorgeous! Your Nan is going to love it and feel your love for her.
    Happy Birthday to your Monkey!

  7. wow your shawl is so beautiful Nikki, the colour is perfect - I'm sure you're Nan will love it. happy birthday to monkey :D xxx

  8. So glad you managed to finish the shawl, it is absolutely stunning. Your Nan will love it!


  9. Absolutely beautiful, I can see the loving care that went into making this and your great choice of fiber makes it even more cozy and special! Love it!

  10. It looks wonderful. She's gonna love it. Cute Snowman Picture.

  11. It's so awesome when the projects that give us the most trouble turn out the best. Your Nan will be over the moon when she gets her hug shawl. Excellent work, you! Happy Birthday to your Monkey! Post birthday pics, please!

  12. Oh, that shawl is great! Your Nan is sure to love it. :-)

  13. Very nice shawl! Love the ruffled edges.

  14. It looks lovely. What a great gift for your Nan, I'm sure it will be appreciated. (I know my Nan always loved my handmade gifts!)

  15. That is a lovely shawl! It looks warm and oh, so pretty! I am sure your Nan will LOVE it!

  16. Very pretty, and I bet it's super-warm, too.

  17. Wow... I've never come across that pattern before, but I love it! I've added it to my faves :)

  18. The shawl looks lovely and snuggly. There's something so nice about a natural coloured knitted item :)

  19. Beautiful shawl... my little guy shares a birthday with your little monkey. Happy birthday!

  20. That is so lovely - I'm sure she'll be so happy!

  21. This is really beautiful. I love the ruffled edge...just a touch of extra pretty!

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