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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

WIP Wednesday #53 - Down But Not Out

Happy Wednesday everyone.

It has been quite a week!

The Bad
My evil children conspired to infect me with their disgusting colds. Between the three of us being unwell and my husband working the entire weekend (including the holiday Monday - ironically called Family Day), we have continued to spend waaaayyyyy too much time around the house.

DO NOT be fooled by their sweet appearance

The Good
I finally decided we had to get out yesterday. We took a day trip to the Royal Tyrrell Dinosaur Museum.

Do you think wearing dinosaur costumes in February is a sign it's time to get out of the house
and go see some real dinosaurs?

The Bad
On the way there, a rock flew out from a passing semi and shattered a window on my car. (Jeesh. I'm starting to get this paranoid feeling that the universe is not very happy with me.)

Monkey proudly taking pictures with his very own camera.

The Good
The museum was totally awesome and the kids had a blast (and no one in the car was hurt by the rock or the window).

The Bad
There have been several low moments this week when I have been too sick to knit - the horror!

The Good
There has also been plenty of other times where I was able to find the will to live and make some good progress on my knitting!

Fibres of Friendship Shawl 
I know its hard to see the progress, but at 366 stitches to a row,
you're going to have to trust me on this one.

 Here you should see a rather horrid picture of my new project - Lace Cotton Ponchette.
The computer is refusing to upload it (paranoia rising!)
I like the way it looks but knitting the cotton is a serious PITA

I'm about 1/3 through the Baby Chalice Blanket.
This is definitely my favourite project right now
It's funny, I had planned to focus on my colourwork this year but it seems so be all about the lace right now. Not that I'm complaining (about this one thing - I AM complaining about everything else). With the lace, I'm learning and enjoying it.

I have to give a nod to The Harlot for today's blog format. I totally stole it from her. Apparently, my head is much too cloudy from the cold medication to think for myself.

Hope your week is having less ups and downs than mine and includes time to check out more WIP's (written with far sunnier dispositions - I promise) through Tami's Blog.

See you Friday.
Cheers, Nikki


  1. Sorry to hear life is throwing you curves, and, apparently, stones. Here's to a better week!

  2. At least you still sound cheerful, even with the evil popping up in your life. I made a chalice blanket too, I LOVE it. Your shawl looks beautiful too.

  3. Hope you feel better soon. I can understand the feel of the whole universe out to get you.. Hope your days improve soon..

  4. I love the friendship shawl - looks wicked

  5. Gosh, it sounds like you've had quite a week! The picture of your children in their costumes in beyond adorable :)

    I love the look of your friendship shawl. The row length sounds fiendish, but the results are gorgeous!

  6. Learning is good, whether it's what you specifically had in mind or not. And your work looks great!

  7. Well if it makes you feel any better, your post did put a smile on my face - I know exactly what you mean about those good/bad weeks. I love your photos!

    Hope you get a better week from here on in, and your knitting is looking great.

  8. Even with the bad things, you still seem to be doing well- I love all the progress pictures, but ones of your adorable children are even better! :)

  9. Boo to the cold and boo to the broken window (I'm glad noone was hurt) but yay to your knitting...the shawl is beautiful!

  10. Oooh I hate having to replace windshields. This happened to me the day before our wedding. BOO! Looks like the museum was fun and it sounds like everyone's might be on the mend soon. Hopefully your run of bad luck is over now! Fibres of Friendship Shawl looks very nice.

  11. Boo to being sick, and having sick little ones and broken windows. Boo, I say! Hope that your week turns around immediately if not sooner, and that there are loads of good things in store for you to make up for all the garbage. You deserve some good!!

  12. I really hope they wore their dinosaur outfits TO the museum.

  13. Hope your week looks up from here on in!

    Hope you are feeling better.

    Love the shawl it is gorgeous, will be breathtaking when done.


  14. My you have a cute set of dinos. Hope your goods start out numbering your bads and you feel better soon. Take care, knitting cures everything!

  15. I'm sorry your weekend (and week) were so bad!! Glad to hear no one was hurt when the window broke. Both your lace knitting projects look fabulous! I love knitting lace.


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