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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

WIP Wednesday #52 - In the Sick House

Happy Wednesday everyone from the house of sickness and snot - yuck.

My little ones have taken turns feeling poorly over the last few days. My husband is away on business so I have been pretty house bound. The only positive has been all the knitting I've gotten done while the sickies gorged themselves on extra TV time.

I've finished a couple projects ,, worked on the baby blanket (it looks the same, but bigger) and made good progress on the baby vest.

I sure hope it blocks out wider because it's looking pretty disproportionate right now!

Despite not being here, my hubby made sure that I wasn't forgotten on Valentines and sent me some lovely chocolates and flowers...

and I have it on good authority that he's looking for yarn to bring me back from his trip - yippee!

Click on over to Tami's blog to see more WIP's, but don't forget to check back here on Friday to see Doodlebug's next instalment of new knitwear.

Cheers, Nikki


  1. The vest looks really cute :) Cables always make something look skinnier than it really is, so it should block and wear perfectly!

  2. That vest looks great so far! Love the color combination.

  3. The vest is fab. Love your flowers

  4. Your vest looks great, I love the cables! Lovely flowers:)

  5. Gerberas and Yarn? Sounds like a very thoughtful husband! I think the vest will be fine. I really like the thin stripes at the waist.

  6. Oh, no... not snot! Hope you feel better soon!
    That vest is AMAZING!

  7. that vest is so pretty, i love the red. Your husband clearly rocks - flowers, chocolates and yarn, um yes please!!!

  8. The vest looks gorgeous!

    Love the flowers - I had some beauties too :)

  9. ooooh that vest looks snuggly.
    lovely flowers. gerberas are my favourites.

  10. I love the vest! I've been trying to find an adult pattern in a similar style-- I'm excited to see your finished product.

  11. Huge pat on the back for your hubby! Nicely done. The vest looks great, and I think you'll be okay once you get it stitched together and blocked. Blocking is magic, remember? Hope your household is on the road to recovery soon!

  12. The vest is so cute and a beautiful colour. Hope your small ones are feeling better.


  13. Sorry to hear everyone is sick. Lovely flowers to brighten the day though!!


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