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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

WIP Wednesday #51 - Short Attention Span

Happy Wednesday everyone!

It has been quite a week at the house of nursenikkiknits ... and not exactly in a good sense.

On Thursday, the hard drive on our 4 year old iMac went kablooey. When you turn the computer on, all you get is a flashing picture of a file folder with a question mark inside. I called the Apple people. Apparently, this is Not. A. Good. Sign. Then on the weekend, my husband accidentally smashed the lens on my Nikon SLR while trying to stop my daughter from crashing head first into the pavement. Honestly, doesn't he know that cuts and scrapes heal? Lenses do not. Geesh.

Both of these events have made me very happy to spend some time focusing on my knitting (and counting my lucky stars that I bought a back up system for the computer 3 weeks ago  - I must have had a premonition).

In the lead up to my New Year's Yarn diet (55 days to go!), I spent some time organizing my stash and planning my queue so I would have projects to look forward to, that I could knit with yarn I already have. I put some lovely and exciting items in my queue (many of them are even for me : ). Then, of course, the obligation knitting started coming of the woodwork: the blanket for the baby in the family due in May, a vest for new baby born to my husband's close colleague a couple weeks ago, just yesterday I found out someone at his work also recently had twins (they are going to get hats)...

This seemed like the perfect week to focus on getting some of the baby knits done.

The Baby Chalice blanket is coming along well. I am surprised at the stripey effect that's happening with the Eco Duo but I like it. I just hope it continues through all the skeins.

ok, you can't really see stripes in the pic, but trust me, they are there

I started planning the vest for my husband's colleague's wee boy. I picked out the pattern and the yarn.

I really meant to start it, but the next thing I knew I looked down....

I had cast on a poncho for my Doodlebug.

Not in the queue. Not on the baby list.


At least it was with yarn in the stash!

Cheers, Nikki

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P.S. Check back Friday to see Doodlebug modeling her new Milo!


  1. Sometimes casting on something not in the queue or on the list is the only way to go ;) Love the yarn (mini mochi?), such fab colours!

  2. I think I'm in love with that last yarn

  3. I find that the more I plan and hunt for patterns, the less I cast on. I like the impulsive cast-ons better than the planned ones. nice yarn choice for the boy's vest..

  4. That last yarn is amazing, wanties!

  5. Looks like your got some fantastic WIPs. I love the texture of the blanket!

  6. Always good to have lots going on, keeps you on your toes doesn't it? Have to agree with the others...that last yarn? Yeah, it's AWESOME!

  7. Everything looks great. I hope things go a bit more smoothly.

  8. Is that poncho in KnitPicks Chroma? It looks lovely- and you're right, at least it's stash! That's what I keep telling myself when I start new projects :)

  9. Love the poncho colors! Looks like Chroma :)

    can't wait to see the vest - love the color combo.

  10. Love the bright colors. You are very organized. The little boy can wait, your poncho is definitely more inspiring.

  11. Loving the poncho yarn too - gorgeous colourway xx

  12. I love how happy all of your projects/colors are!!! So sorry to hear about the camera AND computer. It always comes in waves, doesn't it?

  13. Glad that the baby's okay. Sorry for the lens. Envy your organisational skills and inspired to try that baby blanket for my bestie expecting in July.

  14. How do those new projects jump on the needles? Maybe someone should do a study on this weird occurrence? Cute yarn though!

  15. How could you not? The poncho's going to be fantastic!

  16. As long as you use stash yarn it counts, right??

  17. Oh, how I hate unexpected technical difficulties. I hope that the computer is able to be fixed. Love that yarn that you are using for the poncho.

  18. I love the pattern in the chalice blanket and it looks soft and cozy. That chroma color is gorgeous!


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