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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

WIP Wednesday #50 - Stashbusting

Happy Wednesday everyone.

Thanks for the interesting comments yesterday about knitting style and straights versus circulars. I think Chrisknits hit the nail on the head when she says that the time we devote to our craft that is more important than the speed of our knitting. And I also agree when she says, that the joy of knitting is absolutely the most important part. (To that end, don't expect me to be switching to straights any time soon... but I still have hope for two-handed colourwork : )

It's funny. I'm always so excited when I finish a project. But, I have a moment of anxiety if I haven't already started planned the next project when the first one finishes. Last week, I was really looking forward to starting some recreational knitting but didn't have a clue what that knitting would be.

My knitting group isn't quite ready to start our shawl knit-along (we picked  Sunflower Shawlette by Rose Beck  - doesn't it look amazing?) and I don't have any imminently due gifts. Due to the yarn diet I was limited (ha) to "shopping the stash."

In the end, I started 2 things.

I decided Doodlebug needed a new mummy-made top as she is the only one in our family who doesn't fit their sweater from last year (darn babies and their insistence on growing). I have cast on a Milo in Cascade 220 superwash. I am loving the pattern. Top down, no seams and it's making for great TV knitting. Just the recreational project I was looking for. I think the colour will be lovely on my sweet girl and I had absolutely no plans for it in my stash.

I also started a longer term project. There is another baby due in the family in a few months. This one has a mum who is a knitter. So, I have pulled out all the stops and cast on for a Baby Chalice Blanket using Cascade Eco Duo. So far it looks like a puddle of nothing. It's lace so I figure that's probably a good sign.

Note: this pic was taken on the grass in my backyard.
In the 4 1/2 years I've lived here I have never seen the grass in January or February
I am look forward to seeing what the joy of knitting has got everyone one else up to this week : )

Cheers, Nikki



  1. Your Milo is beautiful! I have been thinking about knitting a couple of vest as a baby gift and I think after seeing yours I will.

  2. I used Cascade Eco Duo this past year for a hat-- it was like knitting with a cloud! I'm sure the blanket will be much loved.

  3. I love the Milo pattern! It's in my queue but I don't want to start it until I know little one won't instantly grow out of it like she already did with two things I made! Know exactly what you mean about the grass thing. I went out to refill our bird feeders and was confused as to why it was 65 degrees and there was still hints of green left in the grass....in January. Weird!

  4. Ooooh, the Milo looks very similar to Adam's Eve, which I knit 2 of for my girls. Lovely!

    And yes, I know the anxiety of finishing a project without one waiting in the wings!

  5. Good job getting two beautiful projects started out of stash! The Milo is going to be so cute and that baby blanket is so pretty. I look forward to seeing your KAL shawl too.

  6. I am glad I was able to make the point I wanted to. Sometimes it's hard to put it in words. I just don't want people to be focused on the mechanics of knitting and lose the joy of knitting. Love the Milo top! And I may have to bookmark that blanket pattern. Lovely.

  7. your knits are lovely! I am a planner too, but I still have a million WIPs, so I have yet to experience not having a project planned. Shopping the stash is fun though!
    I agree! Grass in January is unheard of! We have lots of grass too, so strange!

  8. Cute top!! I haven't seen that one before, and the *plop* sound you hear is it dropping into my queue. Thanks! Enjoy your weird February grass. We have some here too, but snow coming tomorrow...

  9. Your Milo looks great, love the colour!

  10. Baby Chalice Blanket is lovely! Especially in a gorgeous neutral yarn like that! Good for you for shopping the stash; I've been trying to do the same :)

  11. Your daughter is going to love her new top - such a fun color. I took a look at the shawlette and it is totally beautiful - I can't wait to see that as you work on it.

    I love the neutral color for your baby blanket - it will be such a timeless treasure :o)

  12. that is going to be a beautiful baby blanket. I fondle the Eco Duo everytime I go in my LYS.

  13. Milo is such an adorable pattern. Love that color. I made a Baby Chalice blanket for charity a few years ago and have to say it was one of my most favorite FO's.

  14. Very Nice work. I love the way knitting looks but I am only able to do a basic dishcloth. I am a crocheter at heart and really have only don afghans, hats and scarves. Keep up the good work. Your work shows that you are very talented.


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