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Friday, February 3, 2012

FO Friday #37 - (Someone Else's) Happy Hat

Happy Friday everyone!

Well, it seems that perhaps I am not meant to make hats for myself : (
First, I knit myself a lovely hat to start this winter. Somehow (and sadly), within a month of wearing it, I lost it. At that point, I bitterly renamed it "Sad Hat."
Then for Christmas, my mum gave me some lovely wool and I felt inspired to to make a beautiful replacement hat with it. It was to be my "Happy Hat"

Well the hat is beautiful...

(Someone Else's) Happy Hat

Pattern: North Wind Hat by Felicia Lo
This is a great pattern. It is fun and easy to knit. The doubled brim makes it extra warm.

worsted weight
60% Merino/30%Possom/10%Silk
This yarn is beautiful to knit with. It feels lovely to handle. Apparently it grows a bit with washing...

I blocked the hat (mostly to flatten the brim edge a little). After it dried, it was wayyyy too big for me.
Fortunately, it fit my wonderful friend perfectly.

Lucky for me, my lovely friend is also a clever one. I had no idea, but at the same time I was knitting this hat, she was secretly knitting me a replacement Castiel. (How did she know???) Yayyy! So, I will have a lovely knit hat for the rest of this winter (that is, for winter if it makes a comeback. There's not sign of it here this week). Hopefully both these hats will have long and happy lives : )

Thanks L!

Hope you weekend it full of fun, free time, FO's and fibre
Cheers, Nikki


  1. I'm glad your (very pretty) hat found its rightful home, especially as your friend was already knitting you a hat! Serendipity :)

  2. Those hats are great! I need to make a couple of hats for charity/gifts, I may have to consider these patterns.

  3. What perfect synchronicity...and what a good friend!

  4. What a lovely friend you have! great hat!

  5. Sounds like it has worked out perfectly. :-)

  6. It's a lovely hat. I'm glad things worked out so well.

  7. Great hats ~ looks like you both turned out warm and cosy...

  8. Thats a lovely pattern and how special getting a replacement one from a friend.

  9. Cute post, I'm so glad you have a warm cozy hat of your own!!!

  10. That's awesome! I love it when a plan comes together :) Hope you and your hat have a very happy winter together!

  11. Nice hat you knit and so fun that both you and your friend have new hat knit by eachother!!

  12. How perfect was that?! The trade was meant to be, and the hat is definitely beautiful.

  13. Very pretty! It certainly looks like winter there!

  14. That worked out really well for you both!

  15. Beautiful hat! That yarn looks so soft.

  16. Happy Hat looks awesome on your friend. I hope that we see some pics of your Castiel. Now both hats can be renamed "Friendship Hats"!

  17. How cool that you and your friend got to have an unplanned hat exchange! I hope your second Castiel sticks around with you for a good long while. I love the Happy Hat that now belongs to your friend, too, what a pretty texture. and the idea of the extra-warm doubled brim sounds fabulous.

  18. Your friend knows you well. Both hats are lovely.


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