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Friday, January 27, 2012

FO Friday # 36 - Twilight Treasure

Happy Friday everyone!

I am very excited about this week's FO. To be honest, I am more than a little amazed that I got it done.

Twilight Treasure

Pattern: Imogen Cowl by Carrie Bostick Hoge

This pattern is very well written. The lace is both charted and written although I used only the chart. The lace is worked on both sides but the pattern has certain points that always line up with the previous row. This means, that as long as you are paying attention, you really can't go wrong for more than 10 or so stitches before realizing that something is askew. I never had to frog back because of an error during this entire project. Honestly, if you knew me and my knitting, you would know this pattern must be something special, because that is amazing.

The only oddity I have to comment on is that there is one unusual stitch used, marked as p2tog-b which I took to mean "purl 2 together through the back loops" which is a bit of a twisty feat. The odd part is that despite having a list of abbreviations (such as k stands for knit), this stitch is not identified. I had to hit google to figure out how to do it, but maybe that's just me.

I made two minor modifications. The first was that I used a provisional cast-on that uses the cable of a circular needle. It means I didn't have to ever pick up the live stitches of my cast on. I know I will use this cast on over and over again.  I also joined the cowl using kitchener stitch instead of the 3-needle bind off that the pattern suggests. I knit 15 repeats for finished length just over 51 inches.

by Tanis Fiber Arts
75% merino/15% cashmere/10% silk
Colourway: Sunset
I used 1.07 skeins to knit 15 lace pattern repeats

I wanted to use something very special to make this cowl as it is a 60th birthday gift for my mum. This yarn absolutely fit the bill. The colours are gorgeous and the yarn is as soft and light as a rainbow. The yarn comes in generous 115g skeins. It was lovely to knit with. I know I probably shouldn't have used a multicoloured yarn with such a complex lace pattern but I am thrilled with the result.

Tools & Finishing
Needles: 3.75mm Knit Picks Nickel interchangeable circ
Lace blocking wires
pins pins pins

I wish I had taken a shot before I blocked it. As with most lace, the transformation was awesome. I blocked the cowl flat, still on the needles before I joined it in the middle.

In all, it took 10 days to knit this gift from start to finish. I knit 16 repeats of the lace (before deciding it was too big and ripping back to 15). At 74 stitches per row and 24 rows per repeat, I knit 28,416 stitches. In 10 days!

I really wanted to make my mum something special for her birthday. I couriered it off to my dad on Wednesday before my parents left on a birthday trip to Palm Springs. My mum will get it on Monday. My mum means so much to me and I know how lucky I am to have her. I hope she can feel the love in every stitch.

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Happy Fiber Arts Friday!

Cheers, Nikki

As usual, special thanks to Lisa - my photographer extraordinaire!


  1. It's absolutely beautiful :) I'm sure your mum will feel how much love has gone into it. The yarn is stunning, the pattern is so pretty. I love it!

  2. What a really lovely cowl. It looks beautiful and I'm sure your Mum will feel special every time she wears it.

  3. Wow that is just beautiful. I love the yarn you used, and the lace if fabulous. What a really wonderful gift.

  4. Wow, Mom's going to absolutely love it! The yarn is PERFECT for the pattern! Really, really gorgeous!

  5. That cowl is amazing and I love the length too. I am off to check out that pattern because you won me over when you said, "you really can't go wrong for more than 10 or so stitches before realizing that something is askew" If you knew my knitting, you'd know that is a selling point ;-)

  6. It's so pretty! The color is absolutely beautiful! I'm sure your Mom will adore it :)

  7. Lovely cowl. Color is great. When do you start one for you?

  8. I always love counting stitches. That is a very impressive number for 10 days of knitting. Looks lovely too. Job well done.

  9. Oh wow, that really is a truly special gift---excellent pattern and yarn selection (and such beautiful knitting! I'm glad the pattern was such a good one, the idea of not being able to get more than ten stitches without realizing if a mistake has been made sounds ideal.) I just want to stare at the pictures for a while. (...And then I want to sneak into your house and steal it, just to wear for the afternoon! It looks wonderfully wearable.)

  10. Wow, that looks fantastic! The lace and the yarn go together very well- you don't lose the lacey-magic in the stitch pattern, which is always a problem for me. Congrats on such a great FO (and for never having to frog)!

  11. What a perfect birthday gift and glorious colourway! I know that your mom will feel the love in each and every stitch!

  12. That is a beautiful scarf, the yarn is absolutely gorgeous. Your mother is certainly quite lucky!

  13. That turned out spectacularly well! And the color suits you perfectly. I expect your mom will love it to pieces, and you should absolutely use your remaining .93 skeins to make one up for yourself. :)

  14. Nikki - It's very beautiful. I had to favorite it in Ravelry. Thanks so much for the link to the cast-on. I always love learning something new!

  15. It turned out very beautiful, so pretty and I love your description, " as soft and light as a rainbow."

  16. That is simply lovely and will be a fantastic gift!

  17. That really is special! I am sure your mom is going to LOVE it. Great job! Don't you just love when a pattern works out like that?

  18. Beautiful yarn and a great pattern! Don't you just love the blocking effects on lace?

  19. The yarn is just gorgeous. I'm sure your mum will treasure it.

  20. Wow, that is lovely. I love the color!

    I have those blocking blocks, too ... They are so useful!

  21. Well done, love that you used variegated yarn -- it's beautiful!

  22. it looks amazing! I love that yarn, I've been saving up to buy some myself =) I think the variegated yarn, because it's so subtle, totally adds to the pattern.

  23. What a gorgeous cowl! It is beautifully made, awesome yarn, and well-photographed-congrats!!!

  24. That is such a pretty pattern! I think I would wear that every day! I block my things on those same foam blocks. I was just about to get rid of ours and then realized how awesome they are to flatten my crochet!

  25. Such a beautiful and special gift for your mom! It looks wonderful with the variegated yarn. Thank you also for the link to that provisional cast on technique. So cool!


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