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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

WIP Wednesday #43 - It's beginning to look a lot like...

Christmas? Chaos? It's kind of hard to tell these days...

Happy Wednesday everyone. I had a post all planned for Monday but the business of the season is finally catching up with me.

I am behind on just about everything, including my knitting, of course. I have until next Wednesday to finish two pairs of fingerless mitts for my Monkey's preschool teachers. At this point, I have finished about 1 and 1/5. I think this is still a doable goal provided the second pattern doesn't throw me for any unexpected loops.

For the first pair, I am using Berroco Vintage to knit the pattern Vancouver Fog. So far so good.

I finished my Clepsydra Mittens last Friday but not in time to post. I will be showing off their completed prettiness this Friday.

Sweater? What sweater??

Cheers, Nikki

I'm sure there are more links to fibre-induced Christmas craziness or holiday hari-kari...ness? over at Tami's blog. Surely it can't just be me who's feeling this way. Can it?

I just heard today that apparently Christmas trees aren't "in" this year.
Can't say it is the first time I'm out of style ; )


  1. funny thing.. my today's WIP wednesday post is titled exactly the same.. uncanny!!your tree looks lovely..and, I spy lotsa gifts under it. :-)

  2. I can't wait to see your Clepsydra Mittens. The pattern is gorgeous!

    Christmas trees not "in"???? Such craziness!

  3. Yay, progress! Boo, running behind. You are surely not alone. I'm in the same boat, except that today is also Mr. Right's birthday. Sigh. You'll make it, though! I have lots of faith in your mad knitting skillz!

  4. How can a Christmas Tree be out of style at Christmas? LOL. Good luck with your knitting. I swear every year, no knitting deadlines at Christmas. And what do I have? 3 deadlines!

  5. I like the fingerless gloves and your tree looks lovely!

  6. Loving the Vancouver Fog mitts so far, the cables are lovely and the yarn is beautiful. Good luck with the finishing-on-time!

  7. Vancouver Fog is a very pretty pattern. I love the colour you chose too! Hang on, the madness culminates in just a couple of weeks!

  8. I can't imagine Christmas trees not being "in". Yours is lovely - so is the knitting.

  9. your mittens are beautiful!! hope you meet your dead line :) xx

  10. Vancouver Fog? I must be destined to knit them.
    Li, also in Vancouver

  11. Christmas craziness happens every year. Your one up on me, with your tree up.

    Your mittens look great.


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