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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

WIP Wednesday #35 - Scattered

Happy Wednesday everyone.

This week I find myself kind of really totally out of sorts lost & confused scattered. I have a huge trip coming up next week. The entire family is traveling halfway around the world. (God help me on the 12! hour flight from LA to Auckland with two little kids - this after an 8 hour layover in LA... Yikes!). I have lots of knitting I want to accomplish over our month away (not that I have ANY of it organized yet, of course). But, I also have several larger projects that I know I need to get going on. So, I seem to have cast on all kinds of thing but have reasons why I'm not sure I feel like knitting any of them.

First up, is the sweater from last week. It is bigger but not enough to be photo worthy. It has gotten big enough to be too big for the 32" circ I have it on and the only bigger circ I can find is bamboo which I'm not really looking forward to with such splitty yarn. There isn't enough time to order a bigger cord for my interchangeables from Knit Picks so I am... stalled

Next, is the swirl hat for Doodlebug. It is looking lovely but is decidedly too small for my petite 14 month old (despite the fact I am knitting the 12-24 month size). Of course, I didn't check my gauge, sigh. I am too far along to frog and there is plenty of yarn left to make another hat so I figure I will finish it for some mystery baby but I'm annoyed and so I have... stalled.
Sorry for the badly lit pictures again this week.
Somehow Fall came while I wasn't looking and it was already getting dark by the time I took these
despite it only being 7pm.

Finally, I have cast on a baby blanket for a baby that is coming in the family in early December. The pattern has simple colourwork with a fun slip stitch that is easy to remember. I am a little apprehensive because I have decided to use cotton like the original (why, why?). I don't particularly like knitting with cotton and I'm worried the final result will look funny because I can't really block it. The pattern calls for a heavy worsted but I couldn't find any cotton like that (that I liked) so I am hold a DK weight double for a funky chunky effect that I can't decide looks cool or just kind of... weird. Currently... stalled.

What I really want to do is cast on my new (first ever) Zauberball for this infinity scarf. I have delayed myself by suggesting that it will make a great travel project and that maybe, just maybe, I already have enough on the go.

Cheers, Nikki

Please feel free to click over to Tami's blog to find inspiration and motivation from those with projects that are actually going somewhere!


  1. All your projects do look good. I do hate it when mine stall on me.

    OMG, good luck on that flight. I don't envy you.

  2. I hate when I end up stalling on everything - I'd say cast on the Zauberball to give yourself a much needed feeling of good knitting ;) But then I do love Zauberball!

  3. Everything is looking really good, I'm loving the baby blanket! Good luck with the flight and I hope you get back into your wips!

  4. Everything looks great! I really like the baby blanket.
    Good luck with the trip. I think it will be fine. Just bring lots of little toys and snacks and hand them out as needed.

  5. I have a matching ball of Zauberball in my stash and that looks like the perfect pattern! Thanks!

  6. Wow, a MONTH? That's super cool! Let me know if you still want to swap yarn for the quilt -- I'll send you an address ahead of time. Bon voyage!

  7. I love the blanket!!! I love the cool effect you're getting.

  8. The Zauberall looks cool. I love the colour of the swirl hat.

  9. Wow! Busy lady! Don't forget that the hat will grow a bit when blocked...at least mine always do. Have a safe trip.

  10. Oh, how exciting! Just remember to pack lots of toys and snacks to keep the little ones distracted. My husband and I usually take turns (one hour each) keeping the little guy busy during long trips. Hope that you get recharged with your projects. The blanket looks wonderful in that color combination. I have used cotton yarn for blankets in the past and really liked the results. Zauberball is such a fun yarn to knit with...resistance is futile! Enjoy your journey!

  11. The design on that scarf looks amazing, and so distinctive!

  12. Well, I, for one, like the baby blanket so far. Keep rockin' it!

  13. Love how the baby blanket is looking :) I agree with Karen toys, electronics (keep my 3 hypnotized)and snacks. And most importantly they are kids so don't stress it (you'll never see the other passengers again! lol)

  14. I love the baby blanket. It looks like a lot of fun. It's just enough different from your standard baby blanket that it will really stand out.

  15. Okay, so I'm not sure yet how many participants we'll have. I'm thinking at least 10, but will cap it at 20 so I don't lose my marbles. How about you send me a full skein of whatever sock yarn you want to swap, and I'll divide it up for you into however many bits. Then I'll just send the rest of the skein back to you with your swapped yarn?

    If you send me your email address to knitandseek AT gmail DOT com, I'll email you my address. Let me know if you have an idea you like better. :)

  16. hope your flight goes ok, and you feel more your self soon! great projects you have! :)


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