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Friday, September 23, 2011

FO Friday #25 - Raspberry Swirl

Happy Friday Everyone.

What do you know, we made it through another week! Hopefully, next Friday, I will be reading your posts from the land of kiwi fruit and World Rugby Cup hysteria. (I say hopefully because I actually have a secret fear of flying - I always do it but I'm always scared).

I am happy to say I actually finished one of my lagging WIP's this week. I originally planned to knit this Swirl Hat as a winter hat for my Doodlebug. Somehow, it has turned out too small for her (not that that stopped me from shoving it on her head for the pictures you will see here today ; ) But all is not lost as there was a (another) new baby born to someone at my husband's work this week and I am only to happy to send this hat that wee babe's way.

The Swirl Hat pattern is very simple and easy to read. I loved that the different sizes are marked in different colours. Of course, the k3tog's in the decreasing were a bit of a pain in the butt. Otherwise I enjoyed this great knit.

This was my first time trying Tami's Candy Skein yarn. I love the Raspberry & Cream colourway. The yarn was great to knit and is perfect for babies... soft AND washable!

Raspberry Swirl

Pattern: Swirl Hat by Mandie Harrington
Yarn: Candy Skein Yummy Sport Superwash Sock
Needles: 3.25mm/US3 
(I used a 16" circ and then a longer cable to magic loop the decreases)

Ok. Are you ready for cuteness overload? Don't say I didn't warn you...

More cute, cuddly and creative FO's hosted on Tami's blog.

I've decided to start a "Whatever the Mood" Monday's post. It will be a random musing about whatever I feel like (although I suspect there will be a lot of fiber content - I've even started dreaming about knitting now... shame it doesn't actually get my projects done any faster).

Cheers, Nikki


  1. Oh, so much cute! Love the hat, the model is adorable and that yarn look great :)

  2. oooh, the hat is adorable but the model is way beyond adorable. Great job!

  3. awww bless, your little model looks so cute in that gorgeous hat :)

  4. What a sweet hat, and what a sweeter babe!

  5. SO CUTE NIKKI!!!!! Great job on both baby and hat! xx

  6. Completely adorable and I love that Candy Skein yarn too xx

  7. like the other have said very adorable :) :) have a lovely weekend x

  8. Crazy cute! And the hat's not bad either. Happy weekend -- don't forget to let me know about the yarn swap before you go off on your lovely (and super safe flying) vacation!

  9. I love the hat! Your model is so cute.

  10. Awww, how cute! I love the yarn, the hat, and the model is adorable!

  11. That is one cute doodlebug you have there and nice hat too.

  12. She is adorable and the hat is lovely. What a fabulous post!

  13. Your hat is cute, but the model is cuter. I just want to smooch those cheeks.

  14. My goodness, your Doodlebug has a natural talent for modeling hand knits! Love the different facial expressions! The hat is super cute and I am so glad that you found a recipient for it. I need to find a project worthy of my Candy Skein yarn soon. This hat pattern really shows off the pretty colors, so maybe I will try to find something similar. Have a safe journey!

  15. Your Doodlebug is totally a natural. I foresee a future for her on the cover of Knitting Today :). The Candy Skein yarn looks awesome, and your had came out wonderfully, too!

  16. How lovely! I have a link party at my blog right now. I would love it if you linked up one of your projects. Have a nice day!

  17. That is a gorgeous hat. And your little one is so cute. It looks like she's having a blast getting her picture taken.

  18. Sorry I'm just seeing this now, Nikki! I've been sick and didn't get to any of the FOs. I love love love the hat and the model! So glad you liked your Candy Skein yarn. :) Be sure to share it with the Candy Skein Addicts group on Ravelry if you get the chance!


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