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Friday, September 2, 2011

FO Friday #23 - Walks with Iris Galore

Happy Happy Happy Friday everyone!

What can I say? I'm glad it's Friday (even though my hubby is working the working the entire weekend including Monday - bleh), the weather is set to be gorgeous, Monkey is in a full day of school today and I am floating on a cloud because... I finally finished my Goodale!!!

And, you know what? I think it looks pretty good!

Is it bad form to try on something you made for someone else?
What about if you only wear it for a few blog photos?
Or maybe just around the house?
Or out to a party? Just once? ; )

I really enjoyed knitting this pattern. I have discovered a new love in top-down knitting. I love that you can really see the sweater take shape as you go. I love that you can check fit as you go. I LOVE that there is wayyyyy less seaming when you knit this way.

The neat pocket construction adds to the fun appeal of this this little cardi. It also means that you end up with quite a unique looking garment that is actually very simple to knit.
There is no pooling - it's just the light in the photos

I made a few modifications based on advice from other ravellers.

  • I lengthened the body. A lot. The pattern calls for the length from the underarm to the cast off edge to be 8 inches. Mine is 13 and it's still a shortish sweater on me (probably won't be on my sister-in-law though because she is 4 inches shorter than me). I added the length by doing 10 rounds between decreases (instead of 8) and adding one increase pattern repeat.
  • I added a couple rounds of stockinette before the ribbing on the sleeve just to make picking up the stitches easier.
  • I used an icord bind off around the neck because it was feeing a little loosey-goose
  • I sewed down the front fold over except for the pocket openings
If I were to change anything else, I would consider doing a three needle bind off to form the pocket at the start of the ribbing but the way it is done according to the pattern worked nicely and doesn't feel bulky.

Beside doing top-down construction for the first time, I was finally successful at producing a decent icord for the buttons. I don't know what I was doing wrong in the past. It is, of course, very easy (hence the name, i(diot) cord). I had also never done an icord edging before. I really like the detail and texture it adds down the front of the sweater.

This was my second project using Madelinetosh Pashmina. It is highly unlikely to be my last! I cannot say enough about the gorgeousness of this yarn. It truly is a knitter's dream.
There was very little dye transfer to the water when I blocked it. This yarn does grow and I am so happy I washed my swatch before I started. I was worried that the sweater was looking way too big (my SIL is about 4 sizes smaller than me) but it feels a little small on me so hopefully it will look great on her.
I love the subtle striping I got from alternating the two skeins and obviously alternating skeins was absolutely necessary with this colourway. I alternated just before the icord edge and the end of a wrong side row, as the designer suggests. It worked great.
In the end, even with all my mods I easily got this out of two skeins.

Walks with Iris Galore

Pattern: Goodale by Cecily Glowik Macdonald
Size: 34
2 skeins in Iris
Needles: 4.5mm/US 7 Knit Picks nickel interchangeables
4.5mm/US 7 Susan Bates metal DPN's
Buttons from Have a Yarn
Rav link to my project

I am so happy (and rather proud) of how this turned out. 
Of course, as I finished, all I could think about was casting on my next project. I wonder if I have enough of this yarn to make a puff and jump on the crazy Beekeeper Quilt wagon? It's probably a very good thing I haven't made a lot of socks and therefore do not have a lot of bits of sock yarn hanging around!

Speaking of crazy... you would be crazy if you didn't pop over to Tami's blog and check out what other cool projects have been finished up for this Friday.

Cheers, Nikki


  1. It's absolutely gorgeous! I would be tempted to keep it for myself, so well done for making such a beautiful thing as a gift.

    For the record, puffs only take about 3-4 g of yarn. Heh.

  2. You are a superstar! It looks fantastic. You are right to be proud! Congratulations.

  3. That is stupendously lovely!! what a great design, and perfect execution!

  4. It's gorgeous and you should be proud of your work. Beautiful.

  5. It is wonderful! Such a great sweater!! If your SIL doesn't love you already, she will adore you after this. Just don't tell my SILs, cause with 5 I ain't making em sweaters! Felted clogs were my limit.

  6. It looks stunning, you absolutely should be incredibly proud :) I love the colour, and you have really sold me on the pattern. That icord edging looks fab!

  7. OOH! Make a beekeeper's quilt with me! I've been dying to do it and just haven't blogged it yet. We can make puffs and swap yarn and then make more puffs! Whaddaya say? ;)

    Also, sweater: Awesome! You did a fantastic job, and the yarn is perfect. I love the subtle stripey-ness (Which would be outstanding as a quilt puff. Just saying.) Have a great weekend!

  8. Love this! I'm bookmarking this post so I can come back and look at your mods.

  9. I saw this in it's infants stage and queued it immediately. I have fav'd this page to make sure I read it before starting.

    I am sure we can model, wear for a while our hard work before sending to owner. LOL

  10. wow I LOVE it! I love the subtle striping effect switching yarns created, too =)

  11. This is so gorgeous! It looks amazing, I would be wearing it constantly! You must be thrilled with it, I would be over the moon!

  12. I'd be wary about wearing that sweater too much - it looks so nice on you that you won't be able to give it away!

  13. Yes, that is a lovely color yarn :)

  14. Holy smokes, it's GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!! I love the color. I would have soo much trouble giving it away if I were you. LOL She'll love it.

    I know a few people doing the beekeeper's quilt!

  15. I'd say it looks much better than just pretty good , it's downright gorgeous ! I'd be darn tempted to keep it .

    Thanks for all the details on your modifications. This cardigan has been in my ravelry queue for ages , I might just move it up closer to the top.

  16. You totally rocked this one! It is beautiful! Your sister in law is a very lucky lady. I love all the mods that you did. I have been tempted to start a Beekeeper's Quilt, too. Looks like so much fun and a great excuse to buy more sock yarn!

  17. So cute! And, you don't have to sell me on top-down knitting... it's my fave!

  18. That is gorgeous! I the colour is beautiful. I love the edging and the buttons.

  19. Oh wow, that came out beautifully!! I love the colour (the subtle striping really is lovely), and the lines of it wear stunningly. (Totally not bad form to wear it around a bit even though it's a gift. It's way too pretty to be resisted!)

  20. Its beautiful. 8" from underarm is crazy ... that's really short (and I'm 5'2"). Good idea to lengthen it!


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