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Thursday, August 11, 2011

FO Friday #21 - Purple Prevention

Hi all. Happy Friday!

I'm having a great time in Nova Scotia. The sun finally came out today and it was glorious. At least the weather for the first couple days left plenty of time for knitting.

I finished my first Click for Babies hat for Shaken Baby Syndrome awareness. I love that we get to knit these wee baby hats in purple. It's amazing how much enjoyment I get from knitting in fun colours.

I didn't have a newborn around to model for me so I found a substitute...

The pattern I've used is Baby Star Hat. As written, the pattern calls for the hat to be knit flat and seamed. Now, normally knitting a hat flat is again my religion, but I knit this first one according to the directions so I could get a handle on the pattern before starting my many modifications. I'm happy with the result but as I suspected knitting the seam was a PITA.

Seam shot - feels a bit like I'm showing my underwear

I knit the 0-3 month size using Diamond Luxury Collection 4 ply superwash held double to approximate a DK weight. The yarn is very soft and has a lovely springiness. This bright purple colour turned the water is the sink a light lavender colour when I washed it.

I have enough yarn for a couple more hats. This time I'm knitting following the instructions for the large size using smaller needles and the fingering weight. I'm also using magic loop.
No more seaming for me!
Overall, a cute hat, great yarn an an easy knit. Much prefer it worked in the round.

I'm so annoyed that the seamed side is showing in this photo. Grrr
Pattern: Baby Star Hat by Lisa Flett
Needles: 4.0 & 3.75mm/US 6 & 5 Knit Picks nickel interchangeables

Don`t forget, there are many more inspiring FO's to be found with Tami`s Amis!

Hope your weekend is full of sunny skies and smiling faces. I leave you with a couple special shots that I was lucky to get yesterday.

Cheers, Nikki

PS: I think it was unclear in my last post, I didn`t drive with the kids to Halifax from Calgary. We flew. I`m crazy but not that crazy!


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. LOL! I'm one of those who thought you drove. That little hat is lovely. I'm with you--I see no reason not to knit it in the round

  3. The hat looks great. Totally agree with switching to in the round, hate seaming and it seems like it would be more comfy without a seam too

  4. Very cute hat, and knitting it in the round makes more sense to me too. Love the star on the crown. Great cause too.

  5. That hat is so cute! The model really suits it too!!!

  6. The hat is beautiful and you are amazing making all of these hats for charity. I truly believe world peace can be solved through fiber arts goodness.

  7. The purple is lovely, nice to see a non-pastel shade used for babies :-)

  8. The purple hat is beautiful, and don't worry about the seam, to the untrained eye (non knitters/crocheters) it isn't noticeable!

  9. *snrk* Love how you say the seam shot is like showing your underwear. I don't understand why that pattern isn't written in the round in the first place. How strange.

  10. Lucky shot of the hummingbird! The hats are lovely, and perfect in the round. Just think of the precious baby's head rounding out that star!

  11. Seam shots are like showing your dirty underwear! I hate seams.

    The pattern is too cute. I love the bright purple, why must babies only wear pastels? My youngest son even had brown in his newborn waredrobe!

    Have a super holiday

  12. Love the hat. Will have to mark that for future use! I prefer in the round to flat knitting, always convert them when I can.

  13. I used to only knit hats flat and then seam them. The seams always - ALWAYS - looked horrendous. And then I learned to knit in the round and haven't looked back. I avoid seaming whenever at all possible, and even then, I opt to crochet things together rather than sew.

    Anyway, the hats are SO cute!! Love the color and the beautiful design on top -- and what a fantastic cause! :)

    Also, the hummer is soooo cute!!!

  14. I love both the hat (that pattern looks so good in a rich purple like that!) and your model. I have a similar owl sculpture by my front gate. :)

    I hope the rest of your vacation is full of more sunshine and beautiful hummingbirds.

  15. Love the hat. That purple is cheerful.

    I thought you drove. Hope your vacation has more sunny days. I prefer slightly cloudy days down here, it makes it a bit cooler. I'm all for cooler temps.

  16. Great hat and a fabulous colour! TBH I can't understand why ANY patterns for hats, sleeves etc aren't written in the round. Why make more work? *shrug* Anyway, it's lovely.

    Enjoy the rest of your trip (and the FLIGHT home!) xxx

  17. The hat is adorable! I love the star at the top. Your seaming looks very tidy to me, but I agree that hats should be knit in the round.


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