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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

WIP Wednesday #22 - Summer Sizzle

Happy Wednesday everyone!

My kidlets and I got home last Friday and I'm finally feel back to normal. The suitcases are put away, the laundry is done and best of all Summer has finally arrived!

After my short funk, I have really been enjoying knitting again. I'm not getting as much done as in the winter, of course, but I am excited about my projects.

I don't have too much to show you today... because I have thing lined up for the next several Fridays! Yippee!!

I am almost done with "Dear Doodlebug", a sun hat for my almost one year old. I am using the free pattern Dear Liza. It is working out to be a very cute and clever pattern.

The brim is done as a folded picot edge with a three-needle join (just like a three-needle bind off... only don't bind off!). The result is a lovely looking edge to the hat and a brim that is a little firmer than the rest of the hat and sits nicely.

View of brim on the inside of the hat

Right side view

The colour and eyelet pattern are giving the hat very a cute strawberry appearance.

I am looking forward to finishing it at Craft Night this evening. I think it might be a little big. And before you ask... no, I didn't do a swatch (bad, bad Nikki). Although having said that, many people report the pattern running big, which was why I knit the 6-12 month size.

Given it is a cotton yarn would it make sense to wash and dry it a bit to shrink it up? I haven't knit much with cotton so I would love some advice.

Hope you are able to come back on Friday when I will reveal my secret project from last week. A very cute birthday gift for my favourite one year old boy : )

Don't forget there are plenty more WIP's to check out through Tami's blog. Happy clicking!

Cheers, Nikki

extraneous photo of my cuties last week on Vancouver Island : )


  1. That looks super-cute! Love it~!

  2. Happy to hear that the knitting fun is back. And how could it not be with that cheerful pretty pink knitted in such a cute pattern. The picot hem really looks great. My experience with items knitted with 100 percent cotton is that they will shrink in size. Keep a close eye on the hat while it is in the dryer to make sure it does not get too small. Your kids look so cute in that picture. Love how the little guy is kneeling so nicely next to his little sis!

  3. That hat looks really cute, can't wait to see it finished.

  4. Wow, great colour! I hope it fits :)

  5. Your kiddies are cuties!

    That hat has a lot of intriguing details, doesn't it? It's going to look so sweet on your daughter.


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