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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

WIP Wednesday #10 - and the work goes on...

This week, I have gotten back to work on my "No Star" sweater for my little boy. The back is finished and I am partway through the miles of stockinette for the front. I'm looking forward to doing the stripes on the sleeves but I have quite a way to go before I get too that. This is good TV knitting but I think I may need to start a new project as well to keep things interesting.
the back

soon to be... the front

I would like to get started on some projects to put away for Christmas. I can't decide whether to start Herringbone Neck Warmer in a multicoloured Malabrigo Worsted (this would be my first experience with Malabrigo) or Anne Hanson's Keyhole Cabled Scarf in Debbie Bliss Prima in a bright blue (I bought the pattern months ago).
What do you think?

The other work I have "in progress" is getting ready for next week's Knitting and Crochet Blog week organized by Eskimimiknits. So far, my prep has consisted of tidying my stash area so I can take some photos : )
Anyone else planning to join me?

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 You may be wondering what happened to the baby owl vest I said I was going to start last week (well, maybe you weren't, but I'll tell you anyways)... You will have to come back on Friday to see it! I had it done in 5 days (and I'm kinda proud of myself - can you tell?)

As always, don't forget to check out more creativity-in-the-making through Tami's blog!

Happy Wednesday.

Cheers, Nikki


  1. Breaking up the stockinette knitting with some smaller projects and interesting stitch patterns is a good idea. I love both of the ones you're thinking about. Close your eyes and grab a skein of yarn to see which one goes first :-) There's no wrong answer!

  2. I'm with Marushka. If you can't decide, close your eyes and pick. They are both amazing patterns. I guess you can also ask yourself, do you want a harder pattern (the second one) or to try a new yarn (Malabrigo).

    The sweater looks great so far!

  3. OH! I highly recommend Malabrigo! It's one of my favorite yarns...the worsted, the sock...love it all! can't wait to see that little sweater all knitted up!

  4. I feel your pain on the miles of stockinette. I thought I might not make it through Mr. Right's Avast. It'll be worth it though - he's going to love it!
    Both of those scarves are great, and I agree with Marushka that there's no wrong answer. I think I'd probably go with the cabled one to balance the stockinette, but that's just me. Looking forward to seeing what you pick!

  5. That is going to be a very cute sweater :-)

  6. I understand about the sweater. I keep putting my sweater in time out because I'm in the boring knit part. Argh!

    Can't wait to see what you made this Friday!

  7. Both options are great Nikki! I agree with above- close your eyes and pick (and let karma decide!) Looking forward to seeing the owl sweater!!

  8. It's always good to mix it up a bit with the projects. Keeps the stockinette boredom at bay. Both are great choices. I'm kind of leaning towards the Keyhole cabled scarf just because it looks so much fun to knit. If all goes well, I will also try to participate in blog week. I am hoping to take some photos this weekend for some of the topics. I will definitely check in with you that week.

  9. excited to see the vest on Friday! And the finished sweater soon :D

  10. That sweater is going to be so cute. Looking forward to seeing a finish with him wearing it.

    I'm for the neck warmer.

    I wanted to do craft week, but will have to see how things work out.


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