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Monday, March 7, 2011

Random Monday

With a nod to the Yarn Harlot, here is a random monday post from someone who is much too tired to do anything more creative...

1.  Mondays make me grumpy at the best of times (this is NOT the best of times)

2.  When we left Maui on Thursday is was 25 degrees C

3.  When we arrived safely home in Calgary Friday morning it was - 20 C

4.  That is a temperature change of 45 C in 10 hours

5.  That's a drop of 81 degrees for you fahrenheit folk

6.  I have declared that I refuse to leave my house until there is something resembling spring outside.

7.  It is -14 C today

8.  and tomorrow ain't looking so good either...

9. I know I can get groceries delivered and more importantly yarn as well.

10. But as it is Monday and I have small jet lagged children who are up half the night, it may be the failure of Starbucks to provide home delivery that finally gets me out of the house.

11. The only positive I can find is that I'm going to get lots of use, in the near future, out of my Madelinetosh Vintage Honey Cowl. It is soooo squishy and I hope to have it done for FO Friday.

Here's hoping for a chinook in short order. Happy Monday

Cheers, Nikki


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