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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

WIP Wednesday

Hmmm, the problem with your main project in progress being a scarf is that week to week it doesn't change very much in appearance. Yes, it is longer but it still looks like an unfinished scarf. So I probably won't bother with any more pics of my Cabled Scarf until it is blocked in all its FO glory.

But, that might take a little longer than it should since I have been officially sidetracked by the arrival of my Bendigo order. (the fact that my friend's parents had to include all this yarn for me in their measly luggage allowance all the way from Australia is fairly embarrassing... but I'm so excited that it is here!)

Those are all 200g balls! I now have enough yarn to complete the final 3 sweaters for resolution to knit each person in my family (including me!) a sweater in 2011.

Because I am very impatient, I have already cast on my son's 'Little Star - Canadian style'. I am going to knit  Zoe Mellor's Little Star sweater without the stars and stripes.  Although I have to admit I am already reconsidering adding the stripes on the sleeves back in as I love the colour of the green yarn - so this sweater may need a name change down the track.

The wool is Bendigo's luxury 8 ply. So far it is lovely to knit with. It is very springy and sooo soft.

Finally, I have also pulled back out a very old project from hibernation (which I am now calling 'Keeping it Even'). Back when I learned to crochet (badly) from a book (before YouTube), I made a blanket for my yet unborn first child. It is Bernat's free pattern Twinkle Little Star with some mild modifications. I originally made it from Bernat Baby Coordinates in yellow and blue, as in the pattern. Then I panicked that I might have a girl and made it again in green and yellow. Then, because I apparently wasn't done yet, I started it in pink and green. Just after I started, I had a little boy and never touched it again.

It isn't my favourite work, but my son loves his and currently won't go to bed at night without it (which of course, makes it all worthwhile).
Soooo, now that I have a daughter and my husband and I are debating SOMEDAY (far away)  trying for a third, I would like to finish the pink and green blanket for my Doodlebug. Then, I will have the green and yellow as back-up for whichever our possible third might be (watch, I'll have twins - yikes, that's not even funny)

Hopefully YouTube will be able to reteach me how to crochet. For now, I will block out of my mind what a PITA the seaming of all those squares will be.

Get inspired by checking out more WIP's at Tami's blog, who is hosting us all.

Cheers, Nikki


  1. Gorgeous yarn! I'm voting for stripey sleeves on your son's sweater, but then I pretty much always vote for stripey when it's an option. I don't think you can go wrong, though - those colors look fantastic together!

  2. Lucky you getting yarn from far away! It's great that you're going back to finish the 2nd baby blanket. She will love using it now and that way they both have heirloom blankets made by you.

  3. Oh man, that yarn is beautiful! It makes me want to go buy new yarn, but I won't. I'll be strong...hopefully.

    You will pick up crocheting again in no time. Here is a link to a great youtuber that I learned how to crochet from to freshen up your skills: http://www.youtube.com/user/tjw1963

  4. Great stash enhancement! I love your resolution to knit sweaters for all your family. Good luck with that! I like the Little Star pattern with the striped sleeves. They up the cuteness factor.

  5. Aah, yes . . .stash enhancement is always extremely distracting! : ) How lucky that you have your very own yarn transporters! That little star sweater is going to be so cute in those colors.

  6. wow that yarn is beautiful - i'm so excited to see the sweaters when they are done. too cute xxx

  7. Isn't Bendigo the wool company at which David Reidy (of the Sticks and Strings podcast) spent a season's worth of podcasts? As I looked at your piles of yarn, I realized that I was seeing yarn from that company for the first time. Really warm colors on a cold night like this.


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